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At the Heard Museum

I was honored to be able to participate this weekend at the Heard Museum during their Build! event that features Lego Brick artists, including our favorite Dave Shaddix, from around the valley and the world. It is a family friendly event with many hands on activities for all ages.

This weekend we were the featured event “Build With A Lego Artist”. During the event I worked on a light blue four story Lego built apartment, with the assistants of a few of the patrons, was able to complete the build by the end of the event. While the tower build was going on there was loose bricks for other participants to work on their own projects and display them for everyone else to see. (pictured below)

This Event goes until September 28th and I would recommend taking the family or friends, and having a fun filled afternoon. While you are there I would also recommend trying the street tacos from the Museum Restaurant they are definitely some of the best that I have ever had.

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